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The Lumina Grand EC is a freshly built executive condominium by City Developments Limited

Sep 19

Lumina Grand EC provides a life full that is a blend of comfort, variety and luxury that's unlike anything else. The complex is situated close to Bukit Batok as well as Jurong shopping centers This residential area is an excellent option for those who wish to live a lively urban lifestyle without having to deal with the hustle and bustle of city life. If you're a fan of shopping or foodie, a movie lover or just someone who loves the finest aspects of life Lumina Grand EC has something to offer you! Make your day a event by choosing this property as your new home.

Lumina Grand EC offers a unique experience for residents: convenience as well as variety all in one. Its close proximity the Bukit Batok as well as Jurong malls It's much more than a housing complex, it's an option for an active urban lifestyle with little chaos and noise. It doesn't matter if they're foodies, shopaholics or movie lovers or just people who enjoy the best things in life, Lumina Grand EC provides something for every person. 

The ideal location of Lumina Grand EC promises to make it easy to access nearby MRT stations for all its residents. The upcoming Jurong Region Line is going be a great addition to this arrangement, drastically reducing the time required to travel to important commercial areas, shopping malls and other places of recreation. People living in Lumina Grand EC will be capable of traveling to wherever they wish without the need to use their automobiles, thanks to the easy distance between the MRT stations that are located near the complex.

Keming Primary School is a popular learning center for parents because of its commitment to fostering the ability to think critically, be innovative and instilling the qualities of a strong character among its students. It is located just a few minutes to Lumina Grand EC, this school provides a comfortable learning environment that is facilitated by its state-of-the-art facilities and an experienced team of teachers.

Millennia Institute is an ideal choice for families with students who want to pursue a pre-university education. The institute is located close to Lumina Grand EC, this institution offers a wide range of subjects that are designed to meet the student's individual abilities and desires. The lively campus life as well as its intensive academic learning, offers students with a comprehensive pre-university education.

The well-known Swiss Cottage Secondary School is another outstanding secondary school situated near proximity to Lumina Grand EC, offering an integrated education that gives students the skills, knowledge and attitudes for the rapidly changing world. Its nearness to the EC means that students can maximize their learning opportunities without dealing with long travel times.Craft classes, cooking classes, and art-based activities are available, as are enriching seminars on a variety of topics, such as money management, nutritionally-balanced meals, and even elderly care and estate planning. Other offerings include zumba, muay thai dance, bollywood classes and more.

The community club in Bukit Batok has a wide range of classes, workshops, along with activities and events for the residents at Lumina Grand EC. With craft classes, cooking classes, and art-based activities, as well as enriching seminars on topics such as money management and nutritionally-balanced meals, the club promises development and enjoyment for all. Other offerings include zumba, muay Thai dance, bollywood classes and more. When it comes to learning new skills or pursuing a passion or taking part in social events The community club in Bukit Batok will provide you with a holistic experience and enjoyable activities.

Lumina Grand EC, situated in the highly sought-after Bukit Batok West Avenue 5 district, was just recently built through City Developments Limited (CDL). In the tendering process for the executive condo (EC) there were four bids were accepted from four bidders, with CDL winning the contest with an offer of $336.068 million, which is equivalent to a land cost of $626 per square foot for the plot ratio. Following them in the competition is Sim Lian Group. Sim Lian Group, who offered $625 per sq ft ppr, which is the smallest variation between the two offers of 0.17% less than CDL's.

Shopping centers today are more than retailers; they've become centers of entertainment. Go to JEM's cinema JEM in Jurong in case you want to see the most recent Hollywood blockbuster or let your children enjoy themselves in Westgate's play areas. In the weekend there are plenty of things to do to keep your entertained!

The JRL is set to become an important catalyst for the development of entertainment, retail and dining experiences within its stations. The residents in Lumina Grand EC can anticipate an increase in new malls for shopping, a more diverse selection of eateries and an abundance of entertainment options in a short distance from their residences.

The Singapore real property market is continuously evolving, as Executive condominiums (ECs) have created their mark, especially when they are part of HDB units. Lumina Grand EC stands out within this category, and is located within the heart area of Bukit Batok Town. It's a great choice for those looking to upgrade from HDB homes, and this is the reason it's so sought-after as compared to other places.

The location is in Bukit Batok. Lumina Grand EC is easily accessible by a broad variety of bus services, which makes it possible to get to remote areas of the city easily. Residents are able to enjoy a relaxed trip to the mall or any other destination nearby because the trusted buses provide a comfortable and safe means of travel. This is a huge benefit for those who live there, and makes travel simple. The investment on this Lumina Grand EC thus presents an attractive value offer.

The Lumina Grand EC certainly presents an attractive investment option due to its many offerings and options for locations. This not only offers the prospect of significant increase in assets, but the flexibility of its structure - especially post the Minimum Occupation Time makes it a much more appealing choice. With such a solid value offer, investing in the Lumina Grand EC is an appealing proposition.
It's more than just a house... It's an Lumina home.

The bottom line is that Lumina Grand EC presents the most luxurious residential experience. Not only does it give HDB upgraders the opportunity to take advantage of the convenience, luxury and connectivity it provides however, the possibility for expansion in the future is huge. It's more than just a house and an Lumina home which puts residents in the center of a lively and busy Bukit Batok neighbourhood. Lumina Grand EC is more than a mere residence It's a statement of style.

Strategically situated close to major expressways like that of Pan Island Expressway (PIE) and Bukit Timah Expressway (BKE), Lumina Grand EC gives residents accessibility and convenience for travel to various parts of Singapore. It doesn't matter if you're headed toward Orchard Road for some shopping or heading to East Coast Park to unwind and relax, you can get to your destination quickly and with no difficulty. Since the expressways in the vicinity are interconnected and controlled, traffic flow can be managed more efficiently during peak times which allows for more smooth and more comfortable journeys.

As Singapore is looking to build an eco-friendly future, Lumina Grand EC is taking every step to assist. Its design encourages cycling and walking, with sidewalks for pedestrians and bike paths offering residents greener alternatives to transportation. This promotes a healthier life style and reduces carbon footprint.

Jurong Point Jurong Point, one of the most crowded urban malls located in Singapore is located easily accessible from Lumina Grand EC. It has more than 400 dining and retail outlets that make it a complete place to shop, offering an array of items that are appealing to a array of tastes and desires. Whatever the shoppers are looking for, whether it's the latest fashions from around the world or local, artisanal products you can find it there.

JEM and Westgate JEM and Westgate, two diamonds that make up Jurong East, offer a really luxurious shopping experience. With their chic designs, designer brands and lavish dining establishments These hubs turn each shopping excursion into an extravagant pleasure.

The construction of Jurong Region Line (JRL) is a sign of the government's commitment to the growth of the Jurong region. This vital infrastructure is an important step towards the continuous development of the area and is the foundation for further growth in the coming years. Lumina Grand EC stands to benefit from the development of this dynamic and rapidly evolving region that is located at its center.

The strategically placed location of Lumina Grand EC in Bukit Batok provides it with unbeatable accessibility. Residents living in this area can easily access major transportation hubs, such as Bukit Batok MRT and bus interchanges. Bukit Batok Metrorail Station and Bus Interchanges providing them with direct access to the city's central area. People who depend on public transportation to commute on a daily basis will be able to enjoy an efficient and quick travel experience.

The Lumina Grand EC development bears evidence of the importance of community. It gives its residents an impressive lifestyle change and still maintains the spirit of community and fellowship that is common when living in HDB housing. The government's efforts within Bukit Batok are increasing its appeal as a housing area through the addition of various facilities and leisure areas.

CDL's Lumina Grand EC project is progressing with plans to build approximately 510 units spread across 10 blocks of 12-13 stories. The development will also include underground parking. Kwek from CDL emphasizes the advantageous place the development has because it is close to the planned Tengah New Town and Jurong Lake District. Residents will benefit from a variety of amenities as well as the expanded leisure and business zones.

Lumina Grand EC offers great transport connections, which means that the most important areas of business like Raffles Place, Marina Bay as well as Tanjong Pagar are easily accessible. Professionals greatly benefit from this as they can save time and spend more time with their families or enjoying recreational activities.

One of the main benefits that comes with one of the main benefits offered by Jurong Region Line (JRL) is the greater connectivity it provides. Residents from Lumina Grand EC will now be able to find it easier and simple to reach the northern and western regions of Singapore. When they want to get to work, visit family members, or even go to shop, the trip is likely to be quicker and more enjoyable.

Lumina Grand EC is strategically situated near several top schools and is a great choice for families that value education. It is a luxury that is difficult to be found in urban areas as families who live in the EC are able to ensure your children to get an top-quality education without having to endure long drives. It is definitely an ideal lifestyle for those looking for a luxurious living and a high-quality education.

People who live near Bukit Batok or Jurong have plenty of choices when it comes to dining out. From IMM to various shopping centers and restaurants, they offer a variety of dining options. Taste local dishes, taste international dishes or indulge in delicious food. It's all just a short drive to Lumina Grand EC.

It is located in a place that is a step above convenience and style, Lumina Grand EC has been quickly becoming among the top residential options within the metropolis. One reason that it is so popular is its great connectivity. Near to many areas in Singapore, Lumina Grand EC gives the convenience of the public transport system along with arterial roadways, giving residents the opportunity to travel around the island in a breeze. Let's look at why Lumina Grand EC stands out as an emblem that connects Singapore's cities.

As they move into their teen years it is crucial for children to have the access of institutions which will assist them in making informed choices about their futures. One of these institutions can be found at Bukit Batok Secondary School located close to Lumina Grand EC. It aims to produce self-assured and socially responsible people by instilling in them the characteristics of character development as well as academic development and leadership abilities.

For inhabitants of Lumina Grand EC The MRT due to its proximity to the JRL offers an environmentally friendly alternatives to driving therefore cutting down the carbon footprint of their lives. This is a step towards sustainable living and will help fulfill the nation's goal of greener and more sustainable future.

In contrast to the bid for Bukit Batok West Avenue EC site that was secured at $662 psf per annum through the joint venture formed by Qingjian Realty and Santarli Construction in March, the land cost to be used for Lumina Grand EC is significantly less.

The launch of Jurong Region Line (JRL) is anticipated to bring the most positive effect for the Lumina Grande Executive Condominium (EC) homeowners. Apart from being a major transportation improvement and a major investment in infrastructure, the JRL represents a significant increase in convenience, lifestyle and possibilities. The JRL's presence is likely to impact positively on property valuations, in addition to offering leisure and work opportunities closer to home. Therefore, residents in Lumina Grand EC have much to anticipate with the opening of Jurong Region Line, as it promises to open an array of possibilities. The construction is currently underway as the JRL is on its way to its creation as well. Lumina Grand EC stands to gain a lot from this change. With the JRL on the horizon the future looks brighter than ever before for the lucky ones who be able to call Lumina Grand EC home.

It is believed that the Jurong Lake District (JRL) has been expected to be the main driver of growth within the Jurong region, thanks to the development of parks and business hubs. This will lead to many jobs for people living within Lumina Grand EC and the adjacent areas. Furthermore, having this close proximity to work places will save time and energy that could otherwise be put to commuting. This could lead to an better work-life balance for people living in the developing.

It is located just minutes to Lumina Grand EC, West Mall located in Bukit Batok is the ideal place to go for your eating, shopping and leisure activities. The location is convenient and allows you to take a trip for the evening movie or to buy food items. With many shops, supermarkets, and a cinema, this shopping mall is a must for anyone who wants to shop.

It is believed that the price of the initial offer for the apartments located in Bukit Batok West Avenue 5 Bukit Batok West Avenue 5 area is likely to be in the region of $1,300 per sq ft on a financial basis.

In the lively neighborhood located in Bukit Batok. Lumina Grand EC is the perfect example of contemporary luxury living. One of its biggest advantages is the proximity to several top-quality retail outlets within the two areas of Bukit Batok Town as well as Jurong. Being in close proximity to these centers is not just about indulgence but also being able to access a variety of choices and an exciting urban life. Let's examine the ways that proximity to these shopping centres enhances the appeal of Lumina Grand EC as a residential property.

Singapore's transportation system is known for its efficiency, range and smartness. The brand new Jurong Region Line (JRL) is a further achievement that we can feel proud about. For those who consider Lumina Grand EC their home The JRL is more than just a new MRT line. It's an entirely new way of life. Let's look at ways that it will affect the lives of Lumina Grand EC residents. Jurong Region Line will drastically improve the lives of Lumina Grand EC owners.

Just an easy walk of Lumina Grand EC, Bukit Batok Primary School is an excellent example of a holistic approach to education. The school is instilled with a solid ethos of providing a safe learning environment to develop the youngsters in Singapore. A rigorous academic program coupled with a variety of extracurricular activities help prepares students for life in the real world. It gives students a broad, balanced education.

Lumina Grand is attractive for its practicality in the financial realm. Despite its lavish facilities, it is still able to maintain reasonable prices, particularly contrasted with individual condominiums. The affordability, coupled with the possibility of property growth in the rapidly growing Bukit Batok region, makes an attractive proposition.

The appeal attracted by Lumina Grand condominiums is undeniable. The complex is full of various facilities, from a modern fitness center to relaxing pools, as well as appealing BBQ pits. The EC provides an elegant and comfortable life style that a lot of HDB residents aspire to.

Nearby to Lumina Grand EC lies the well-known Dulwich College, offering an international program. The highly regarded college offers the world's perspective, and makes use of the latest technology to provide exceptional academic and personal accomplishments. So, residents of Lumina Grand EC gain the immense benefit of being within easily reach of this outstanding educational institution.

It is believed that the Jurong neighborhood is also home to another fantastic retail site which is Big Box. The hypermart offers a wide assortment of products, ranging from furniture to electronics, making it the perfect place for families looking to decorate their homes. With its spacious layout and kid-friendly amenities buying in Big Box is an easy and enjoyable experience.

Lumina Grand EC is more than its place of residence it's a piece of contemporary architecture. The spacious interiors are adorned with contemporary designs which make it stand out above the average HDB flat. Even the most discriminating HDB upgrades will surely be amazed by the lavish interiors and elegant atmosphere that make Lumina Grand EC a remarkable improvement over their previous home.

Families looking for easy access to top-quality schooling, Lumina Grand EC is the perfect home. It is located in the bustling Bukit Batok, the city that is Bukit Batok, the property offers more than just contemporary living spaces and lavish amenities as well as the tranquility which comes from its accessibility to a variety of top-quality schools. Let's take a look at all the possibilities for education in Lumina Grand EC which makes it a top choice for families that want to ensure their children receive the best education possible. The region offers a wide range of possibilities starting from primary schools all the way to higher education institutions to ensure that students are able to access the highest quality education.

Being near the JRL near by, Lumina Grand EC stands to benefit from improved connectivity, which can increase the value of its properties. Investors and future homeowners are likely to see a better ROI due to this infrastructure upgrade.

CDL's acquisition of its Lumina Grand EC site at Bukit Batok West Avenue 5 was a deliberate bid to strengthen their market share, particularly considering their prior acquisition from the Tengah Garden Walk EC site in June 2020 for $553 per square foot, per hour. It is worth noting the Copen Grand will debut in the fourth quarter on this same site.

Princess Elizabeth Primary School stands out from its peers, known for its top education standards and commitment to holistic developmental programs. The school provides a broad curriculum that not only promotes academic excellence however, it also helps instill qualities and abilities that are essential to the future. Its close proximity the Lumina Grand EC makes the morning school bus commute much easier for families, allowing some time that parents can be with their children.

With the Singapore Government's constant investments in improving the infrastructure of transport residents in Lumina Grand EC can look at having more connectivity in the near future. The coming MRT lines as well as bus interchanges and road extensions are sure to connect the area to center of Singapore but still maintaining its tranquil atmosphere.