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Jellycats Plush Toys Now Available At Diddams Party & Toy Store!

Nov 12


Jellycats are made of soft material you’ll love!

Made of a soft material, Jellycats are great gifts for little ones. The stuffed animals come in many different styles and colors. You can find a jellycat stuffed animal for any age or gender. Some are floppy, while others have a more rigid body. They are great to squeeze and play with.


On the inside, Jellycats are filled with plastic pellets

Plastic pellets are used to fill Jellycats and similar stuffed animals. These critters are very soft and are filled with just the right amount of pellets. Some critters even have glittery details, tulle skirts, and plastic eyes. All of these features make Jellycats adorable! They are also great “first friends” for new babies! The quality of these toys ensures they will last for a very long time.


Jellycats are made of soft polyester material

Jellycats Mountain View CA are a great gift for kids and adults alike. The brand creates original soft toys in London using premium fabrics and unique designs. The company's name derives from a child who loved jellies and cats and wanted to create a brand that would reflect that. Isn’t that cute?! Stuffed jellycats are available in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. Most are made from polyester or acrylic materials, with glittery details and plastic eyes. They are then stuffed with polyfill or plastic pellets to provide softness and durability.


Jellycats are extremely soft

Jellycats are soft toys that children will love to touch and play with. These toys are made from high quality materials and are durable, so they will last through a child's entire childhood. Jellycats San Carlos CA can be found in many shapes, including dinosaurs, penguins, dragons, squid, and more. There are more than 200 different types of Jellycats and new designs are added twice a year. From squishy sea creatures to adorable jungle animals, the company has a soft toy for every child’s favorite animal! Jellycats San Mateo CA are also available in several different sizes, making them the perfect gift for children of all ages.


Jellycats can be washed by hand and dried with a hair dryer

If your child is constantly destroying his or her Jellycat, there are a few simple steps that you can take to help keep them looking good. First, make sure to read the care label on the product. Some items can be washed by hand, while others should be machine-washed. To wash your Jellycat, use a mild soap and cool water. If you wash your Jellycat in a washing machine, be sure to put it in a mesh-lined bag made for delicate garments. This will allow soap to pass through without harming the toy. You can also place the toy in a pillowcase, which will protect it from being ruined in the wash.

Never use a tumble dryer on your Jellycat. It is possible to use a hairdryer on a cool setting, but make sure the heat is kept low enough that you can separate each fur fiber. You can leave your Jellycat to air dry completely before using it again, however, to restore the fluffiness of Jellycat stuffed animals, using a hair dryer is the best option. Use a cool setting on the dryer and dry the stuffed animal at room temperature, avoiding direct heat. Once dry, let it air dry for several days. If you have any additional questions about your Jellycats or if you’d like to browse one of the largest selections of Jellycats in the Bay Area, visit your nearby Diddams Party & Toy Store location.


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