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How Shipping Containers Can Be Used In The Military?

Jul 7

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The uses of shipping containers in the military

Cargo containers are always useful in any type of industry; no wonder why it is timeless and a trend in our generation. It fits any concept that you will be planning to make because of its characteristic of being; flexible and durable. You just have to add a little creativity to make it perfect.

This container may just look like a boring shipping container, but it already helped many businesses build their establishment. And not only that, because during World War II the US army was also using it to supply their men with every weapon and things they needed to avoid being damaged or stolen. These days militaries are still using it, but not just secured storage because they made it as an alternative home and building facility.



Last 2013, the U.S. Air Force used 700 shipping containers to build a Military Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT) training facility because it can easily modify it to resemble a city. And last 2019, they also used it to have a check-in facility in their training range. They place it, pushed together, seal it, and connect all shipping containers within a day. And when they were done with the training, they just disassembled it, put it in the truck, and off to the next destination.

Here are the uses of shipping containers in the military:

  • Secured storage - Shipping containers are made from Corten Steel which is known as “weathered steel” for it can resist the corrosive effects of fog, snow, rain, ice, and other meteorological conditions. Plus, anything you place inside won’t be easily stolen or damaged.
  • Office facility - The military needs an office to work on their paper and document related tasks. Using a container gives them a proper place to install a data center or a central location for planning every operation they will have. And a perfect mobile facility to protect every stored data equipment used.
  • Versatile barracks - It is a great portable housing for every deployed military. It gives them an efficient and comfortable place to stay in any location that they will be, for they can install heating and cooling systems or other amenities that they need.
  • Barriers used in training operations - Cargo containers can resist any major damage without ruining their structure; that is why it is a perfect barricade during a military training exercise.