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Selling Short-Term Rental Units

Jan 18

Selling an Airbnb or short-term rental property can be a hassle with a real estate agent. All too often they don't understand that the typical marketing doesn't translate. These are investment properties and need to be treated as such. Many times these homes won't qualify for normal loans because of the Net income they produce vs the market value to a primary home resident.

These homes need to be valued based on their cap rate and net operating income, not landing plus building value. Furthermore, the MLS that all agents put listings into doesn't give good options for customers to filter short-term rental properties. Websites like Zillow and are feed data through the MLS and therefore also aren't good at showing these investment properties.

That's why  AirDeed was created. To streamline the access for investors to easily find these Airbnbs for sale. We only have short-term rentals on Airdeed to filter out the noise. Even better property owners can now market for free directly to investors and remove the real estate agent commission. This means more money in your pocket as a short-term rental property seller.