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Rent a Rolls Royce Dawn in Miami 2021

Apr 12

Visiting Miami and want to rent an exotic car? Onyx Exotix Luxury & Exoti Car Rental

Nothing says “party time” like a Rolls Royce Dawn! I can’t think of anything better than cruising the streets in this bad boy. And when we’re done partying, we can take this beauty to my private beach house and take it for a dip in the ocean!

Renting the stunning Rolls Royce Dawn is the perfect way to celebrate an amazing time in Miami. This white beauty is designed to turn heads while you soak up the sun and hit the beach with your friends.

Rolls Royce Dawn is a convertible that is perfect for cruising the beach or city streets. Its design features white fabric roofing, which makes it perfect for sunny days in Miami.

All Rolls Royce cars come with a V12 engine. This twin-turbo monster you'll be able ti experiencre. That’s it. V12 twin-turbo, putting out 563 horsepower, producing 605-pound feet of torque. This vehicle is just as much hyper luxury as it is a sports car, you can feel all the power distributed perfectly throughout the air suspension system. When you drive this car, it feels like you’re on a cloud, but a cloud with power. You can get the  Rolls Royce Dawn for a rental in Miami in black or white

In fact, the first Rolls Royce was manufactured in 1904. It is no wonder that Rolls Royce has grown to become a synonym for class and quality in the modern world. With around 100 dealerships and 50 service facilities globally, Rolls Royce treats you like royalty. There’s really no surprise why people associate the brand with excellence above all else. And now, it looks like this idea of treating customers like royalty will be coming to an airplane seat near you as well. Sure, they don’t come cheap – a new Silver Spirit will cost you around $1 million – but personalization truly does make all the difference in luxury travel .

Even if you can't afford to buy a Rolls Royce Dawn today, it's definitely worth the experience to drive one while on your Miami vacation.

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